Tulsa Photographer | Happy Birthday Kinsley

Kinsley is our rainbow baby.  She was born one year and eleven days after we miscarried our angel.


And now, here we are two years later, we’re celebrating Kinsley’s second birthday!!  She’s TWO!  I cannot believe it.

She is smart, sweet, caring, silly, growing her independence, and (almost) always has a smile on her face.  She leads such a happy life, and we cannot picture our lives without her.


Spencer and I were talking the other day about what life would be like without our babies.  He said, “I’d get to golf more.”  Hahaha…typical answer from my husband…but then he said in all seriousness, “It would be verrrrrrry boring.”  I couldn’t agree more.

God sure has blessed our little family.  Although we never got to meet our first baby, He answered our prayers and blessed us with Kinsley.  And we thank Him every day.


Happy birthday Kinsley!!

We love you,

Momma, Daddy & Bubby

I invite you and your family to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
Kathryn Hylander


Dressing Momma

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my mommas is “What do I wear?”

There are two options.  You can either bring something from home.   Or I can dress you, relieving that stress.

If you want to wear something from home, I suggest soft, muted and solid colors.  Long sleeves or strapless look best.


Trying to figure out what to wear can be a little stressful when 1) you don’t fit in your maternity clothes anymore, 2) don’t yet fit back into your pre-baby clothes, and 3) are working on 4 hours of sleep.

Because of this, I always offer to dress you.  If you choose to be dressed at the session, I wrap you in soft fabric leaving your arms bare, which allows the beautiful glow of your skin to radiate in your portraits.


Either way you go, you will look gorgeous, and your little one will surely treasure these first pictures of the two of you.

I invite you and your family to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
-Kathryn Hylander

Enjoy the season

Somewhere this past week I read something that said, “enjoy the season.”  I thought that was a little weird – I enjoy winter’s snow, spring’s flowers, summer’s pool days, and the smell and cool air of fall.  I enjoy all seasons!

Those aren’t the seasons this article (I think it was an article…can’t remember) was talking about.

Enjoy the seasons of your life.


Ahhhh…those seasons!  I sat and thought.  It’s so easy to rush through the seasons of your life and never really enjoy them because you’re so concerned with getting to the next stage.


I look back and think when did my smart, confident, beautiful baby girl become a toddler?  And when did my brand new baby boy become a 14 pound little man who can entertain himself on the activity gym and only wake up once a night?

Time goes by so fast.  And when you have little ones, it seems to go even faster.


This is my last week of maternity leave, and I will savor every smily morning, cooing conversation, snuggles while nursing, books read, walks in the neighborhood, bath time splashes, and cuddles before bed.

The thing I want to share with new mothers is this: Enjoy every season.  The first few weeks after birth are hard, sleep-depriving, and exhausting.  BUT…  Enjoy your baby when she wants to sleep in your arms because that’s where she feels safe.  Enjoy getting up 2-3 times a night to feed and snuggle with her.  Enjoy the cries because all she wants is to be in your arms.  Because this too shall pass, and you’ll look back and wonder when your brand new baby became a running, playful, and independent toddler.


I invite you and your family to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
-Kathryn Hylander