Tulsa Baby Photographer | Jaxson at 6 months

Do you remember this little one from his newborn session??  I can’t believe Jaxson is 6 months old!!


I had so much fun playing, laughing, and cuddling with him…and of course taking his pictures.


He’s a little eating machine – and will stare you down with his beautiful baby blues if you’ve got food and he doesn’t.  His little eyes literally say “give me that food!”


He laughs and smiles all the time and rolls all over to get from point A to point B.  However, I just recently got an update that he’s now crawling.  How can time move this fast?!

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-Kathryn Hylander


Tulsa Photographer | #existinphotos

One of my mentors is the incredible Sue Bryce.  I am so thankful for her kindness, knowledge, and support.  She is an incredible portrait photographer, and I am honored to be learning from her.

Sue has a way with words.  They truly touch my soul.  Her description of the evolution of portraiture and the importance of existing in photographs completely intrigue me.  I love her words…

“The crazy thing is, is ‘portrait’ is not new.  We’ve been taking portraits for about… When was the first camera invented?  1905?  No, I believe we’re coming up to a 200 year anniversary of the first camera.

cropped.enhanced color
My Great-Grandparents Myrtle and William Clark.

The world had a psychological shift when they invented the mirror.  Because we saw ourselves for the first time.

Then we created the camera and we were able to capture ourselves for the first time and see ourselves.  And then of course we age, we change, we die, we lose people we love.  The cameras and photographs are probably one of the most extraordinary things in the world, and you’ve chosen to be photographers.  And I think that’s a pretty incredible gift.

During the 40s, portraits were very popular with young men because they were going to war.  And we didn’t think they would come back.  So we would make boys sit for their photographs.  And a lot of our grandfathers and grandmothers have portraits – one portrait – maybe one.

My grandparents wedding in 1953 in the Presbyterian Church of WaKeeney, KS.

And then we have our wedding photographs, and then we have children.  And then we cease to be in our photographs with our children because we’re either behind the camera taking them as moms and dads, or we don’t feel good enough to be in front of the camera.

And then as we age, and we grow up, we look back and there’s maybe one or two photographs of us and we don’t celebrate them.”

_18xx ___ and Dora Stevens with Ethel and toddler Wesley Stevens 150
My great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather Dora and Bill Stevens with their children Ethel, and my great-grandfather Wesley.  Picture taken circa 1898.

We need to celebrate who we are, where we are, and what we are now.  Exist in photographs.  Be in the picture with your husband, with your children, with your parents.  A photograph truly freeze-frames a moment and memory…and that’s an extraordinary thing.


I invite you and your family to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
Kathryn Hylander

Tulsa Newborn Photographer | Happy Mother’s Day

I want to wish a very special Mother’s Day to all my Momma’s who had a baby this past year.  Your life has changed in ways you could have never imagined.  Your heart is loving a tiny human more than you ever though was possible.

A few weeks ago, I contacted a couple of Daddys and asked them to write a special note to their wife…Happy Mother’s Day!



I love that my wife makes our son smile every day without fail.  He can’t help but smile at her, it’s infectious and it makes me smile everyday.  And if having one baby makes me smile this much….I want twins next….

My wife is the best mom in the world because she finds a way to take care of Jackson and fill my gaps at the same time.  She makes me a better father.

My beautiful wife is exactly the mom I thought she’d be: loving, caring, hard working and tender.  I always knew she was the woman I wanted to marry.  As I continue to see her grow and mature as a woman and a mother, I love her even more.



You are more beautiful than ever to me. From the moment we met, you’ve had my heart and seeing you as a mom only makes me love you more.

Creativity, laughter, devotion…there’s so much to admire in the way you do motherhood day in and day out. Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond every day for our family. The kids and I are so lucky to have you. Because of you, our family and our home are built around generous, selfless love. I’m so grateful to be sharing life, love and parenthood with someone as creative and fun as you.

For my wife who is a stepmom to her spouse’s child: Thank you for being such a wonderful mother to my daughter. It means so much to see the way you care for her…and the way she loves you, too. I love our family, and I love you.

Happy Mothers Day Allison!

Love, Steven


I love Lacy for all the same reasons I did before she became a mother; she’s honest, kind, ​compassionate, ambitious, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Although she has new responsibilities with being a mother to James, at her core she is the same person I fell in love with and married four years ago.


My wife is the best mother in the world because she is always so selfless, when it comes to our kids. She always puts them first. Emily always goes above and beyond to make them feel loved, even if it is a time for discipline. She always has the right answer to the problem at hand. Aside from her being the house physician and saving us from deathly illness and injuries on the daily, she is very smart and beautiful! We couldn’t be more blessed to have her as a mother and wife. We love her very much!

Just a Mom

“I’m just a mom..”

I’ve heard this from others.  I’ve thought this about myself.  When I had my first baby, it was a hard transition going from a woman who could knock out a 10-item to do list in one afternoon to feeling accomplishment if I was showered and dressed before lunch.


Now, I don’t believe I’m just a mom.  I don’t believe any woman is just a mom.

I believe being a mother is one of the most powerful things in this world.  Whether you work outside the home, work from home, or work full time running your household and raising your babies, you are not just a mom.


You are an incredible human being who has brought babies into this world.

You are a caregiver.  You are fierce.  You are strong.  You are proud and resilient.  You can do things on four hours of sleep that most humans cannot.

If someone tried to hurt your child, you would be a ferocious tiger.  You would fight and protect.


You are extraordinary!

Say it loud.  Say it proud.

I AM a mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to you.

I invite you and your family to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
-Kathryn Hylander

Tulsa Baby Photographer | Kase at 3 months

Kase at 3 months has grown so much since his newborn session.  Just look at his smile!!


It’s always so much fun to be able to photograph babies throughout the stages of their first year, and a session at 3 months is one of my favorites!  They’re beginning to smile, they move their arms all around, and squish their faces into hilarious expressions.



I just loooooove all the expressions of babies when they are 3 months old!


I invite you and your family to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.

Kathryn Hylander