Tulsa Newborn Photographer | Baby Logyn

It’s been so much fun watching Abbey and Jon grow into a family of three.  Abbey and Jon are good friends of my husband and me.  Last fall our big group of friends got together to celebrate birthdays, and I noticed Abbey only drank water at dinner.  I thought, “Hmm…could she be pregnant??”  Then I immediately dismissed it and chalked it up to me overthinking things since I, myself, was pregnant.


A few short weeks later, they made their big announcement: “WE’RE EXPECTING!!”

Over the following months I got to watch Miss Logyn grow and grow inside her Momma’s belly, celebrate with a baby shower, and have fun and exciting text conversations about becoming a mom and what to expect.


So when Abbey asked if I would take their first family portraits, I was filled with gratitude that they would give me such an honor.


It was so much fun seeing them as a family of three at their session.  I loved seeing the adoring smiles from both Abbey and Jon for Logyn.  I loved hearing their stories of the birth, Logyn’s first bath, and their new life as a family of three.  Their love for Logyn just radiates and fills every room they walk into.


Congratulations Abbey and Jon on your new bundle of joy.  She’s beautiful.

Welcome to the world Logyn Claire!

I invite you and your family to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
Kathryn Hylander


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