Texas Adventures

A couple of weeks ago, we finally had a break in our schedule and got to drive to Texas and visit family.  It was such a relaxing and renewing vacation.  I didn’t realize how much we needed this vacation!

It was even more special because my grandparents met Kase for the very first time.  It’s so special seeing them with their great-grandchildren.  Kinsley really warmed up to Papa and wanted to know where he was at all times and enjoyed holding his hand.

After our visit with my family in Austin, we travelled to Houston and visited Spencer’s family.  That was so much fun, too.  Kinsley loooooved getting to play with her cousin, Adely, and asked for her whenever she wasn’t around.

I sure love our family.



Tulsa Newborn Photography | Behind the Scenes

The internet is full of beautiful newborn photographs.  But do you ever wonder what it looks like from behind the scenes?  What goes into making that breath-taking picture?

I’m not talking about the incredible power of photoshop.  No, I’m talking about what it really looks like in the studio…

The experience of having your photo taking with the people you love most in this world.  You’ve just had a baby.  And you get to be pampered and have your photo taken with the miracle you brought into this world.

That’s the behind the scenes I’m talking about…

KathrynHylander_Carnes_BTS_1KathrynHylander-Carnes-BTS-4KathrynHylander-Carnes-BTS-5 copyKathrynHylander-Carnes-BTS-7

To see the portraits from this session, visit Baby Logyn’s blog post.

I invite you and your family to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
Kathryn Hylander

How to Get More Restful Sleep while Pregnant


Man, I remember during my pregnancies one of the tale-tell signs of me being pregnant was how tired I was!

I literally fell asleep on the floor while playing with Kinsley the day I found out I was pregnant with Kase.  When I woke up, Spencer asked if I was pregnant.  I said, “I don’t know…maybe.”  Then I went to take a pregnancy test, and surprise!  It was positive!

All that being said, once you hit the second and third trimester, it’s a tad more difficult to fall asleep.  You’re uncomfortable, and if you’re like me (a stomach sleeper) it’s hard getting used to sleeping on your side.

So what’s a Momma to do?!

Here’s a little list of things to help you get a little more comfortable:

  • Put the fork down.  Time any meals or snacks for around 4 hours before you lay down – this will help minimize heartburn
  • Bathroom break!  Be sure to go pee before getting in bed…there’s nothing worse than getting comfortable and then having to get up to use the bathroom.
  • Cat-Cow.  Huh??  Stretching and light yoga right before bed can help you fall asleep more quickly in addition to relieving any aches and pains.  The Cat-Cow and Child’s Pose were favorites of mine.
  • To the left, to the left… Sleeping on your left side can help relieve back pain and support circulation.
  • Pillows, pillows, pillows.  You can never have enough pillows.  Place them in between your knees, behind your back, and under your belly.

Need some more tips and tricks for sleeping?  Check out the Sleep Guide for Pregnancy.  Happy zzz’s!