Men, start lining up…

So a couple months ago some work friends and I were discussing online dating.  I had sort of inserted myself in the conversation because online dating is close to my heart – my husband, Spencer, and I met through eHarmony.  And now we’re happily married and have two babies!!


Anyways, Lizzy brought up her online dating profile and we began checking out her pictures.  Almost every one included friends.  Being the nosey person I sometimes am, I asked why she didn’t have any pictures of just herself.  She said there were a few reasons: (1) she doesn’t have many pictures of just herself, and (2) the pictures she does have she doesn’t really like…or they’re super old (i.e. senior pictures from high school).


I said, “Oooo…I’d love to photograph you.  I promise you’ll love them, and I promise guys will start lining up down the street for a date with you!”  About a month later I got to photograph her…


Man, oh man.  She is so gorgeous.  It was such a joy reflecting the beauty of her spirit and soul back to her.  Lizzy loves them.  Her parents will cherish them.  And years from now, the children she’ll have…from a guy she meets online…because of the photographs I took…(Like how I snuck that in there?! Hehe!!)…will treasure these photographs, too.  They’ll look at them and say, “My mom is so beautiful and has a heart of gold to match.”

So guys, start taking a number…

I invite you to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
Kathryn Hylander



Vanity Fair styled photos? Yes, please!

While standing in the checkout line (probably in your sweat pants, hair pulled back in a pony with no make-up on) at the grocery store, have you ever looked at the covers of magazines like Vanity Fair and thought, “I could look that good if I had a personal chef, personal trainer, personal hair and make-up team, etc.”?  Yeah, I’ve been there, too.


Now you can.  I’m now photographing you, the every-day-woman, and making you look and feel beautiful.  Because that’s what you are – beautiful.


What if I could show you the story of your life? Photograph you every year of your life.  Show the progression of your life, wisdom, the growth of your family, of each story that caused laugh-lines.  I can do that for you.  I would love to do that for you.


Interested?  Contact me at or give me a call at 281-923-0637.