Portraits of her confidence and strength

I don’t know what it is about losing weight, training for a competition, or training for a race for the very first time.

Maybe it’s the thrill of doing something new.  Maybe it’s the excitement of pushing your body further than it’s ever been before.  Maybe it’s the feeling you get realizing how strong you really are.

But whatever the reason, there’s one facet that begins to sparkle brighter than it ever has before.  Confidence.

Over the past year, I’ve seen that facet shine brighter and brighter in Jenny.  She’s an stunning woman who competed in her very first NPC competition and placed 4th!!  Congratulations Jenny.  You’re achievements are incredible, and I can’t wait to watch you create and accomplish all your future goals!






Are you also an NPC competitor??  I would love to hear from you!  I invite you to have a personal session with me.  Portraits are a legacy for you and those you love.  Inquire here.
Kathryn Hylander

Hair and makeup by the very talented April Mary.