It’s now three | Jo-Nieca + Hunter

Jet, Oklahoma
August 2, 2018  //  Maternity

Sometimes in the early morning hours – like this morning – I sit in the living room enjoying the quiet that is our home.  All I hear are the crickets singing outside.  Husband and babies, who are no longer babies, sound asleep in bed.  

These quiet times get me thinking about the years before – when our home was always quiet.  Before kids.  Before we became parents.  Before a little one, and then a second little one, turned our world upside-down and inside-out into the most beautiful life we could have ever imagined.

The little transition of it just being the two of you, then hearing that first cry, and realizing it’s now three…that split second is why I love photographing the moments leading up to such a beautiful life change.

And in these moments, we realize everything has changed, and yet, we are more ourselves that we ever have been before.  We are a mother, a lover, and a creator of life.

You see, when I get the honor of capturing a woman’s grace, I’m able to mirror back that certain subtle strength she holds.  Her beauty is true elegance.  

Congratulations Jo-Nieca and Hunter on the beautiful life you have created.