Here’s to 5 years | Tulsa Photographer

Marriage might begin with the whisper of two little words.  But that is not where it takes root.

It has been five years since Lauren and Jason have said, “I do.”  And my husband and I are just shy of five years from having said, “I do.”  So photographing this anniversary session, was very dear to my heart.

Over these five years, I have realized marriage in it’s true sense begins long after the vows are promised.  Long after the guests sip their last glass of champagne.  Long after the top layer of the wedding cake is hidden behind the frozen bags of broccoli and tubs of Blue Bell ice cream.

Real marriage comes on a Wednesday night in front of the tv while binge-watching your favorite Netflix series.  It comes on a Saturday morning roaming the perennial isle at Lowes.  It comes at 4:37 a.m. when you roll over in bed and say, “Your turn,” when the cry of your baby echos down the hall.

Through these five years, I’ve learned many things.  Here are my five favorites:

  • Scheduling date nights is a must
  • Being on the same financial page makes things so much easier
  • Romance changes as your love matures
  • Exercising together makes your body and relationship stronger
  • Having a hand to hold through life is unconditionally worth it

Happy anniversary Lauren and Jason.  May the love you share only continue to grow stronger.



No one should ever have to go through this fiasco again | Tulsa Photographer

Remember that time when you crammed your whole family on the couch…

Looked up the directions on how to use the self-timer on your “fancy camera” (bc everyone has a “fancy” and “not fancy” camera)…

Pressed the button…

Ran across the room, hoping to not knock the camera off of the crazy, lop-sided tower it’s barely balancing on…

Squeeze in the tiny slot on the couch saved for you…

Plaster a hopefully genuine smile on your face, while your telling yourself, “Please don’t look like a deer in headlights,” and…


Your Christmas card picture… *cue monotoned wah-wah*

No one should have to go through that fiasco anymore.  You can relax knowing you’ll get the photos you really want this holiday season.

When you book your Christmas Session, you get all of this…

  • Print rights to print your own Christmas cards!
  • A wardrobe guide
  • 20 minute session
  • Your favorite 3 images (+additional images to choose from)

Saturday, November 3
Owasso Christmas Tree & Berry Farm
8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30
Price $200

It would not only be a joy, but an honor to photograph you and your family.  Yes, I’m talking to YOU!

How do you reserve your spot??

  1. Send an email with your preferred time to
  2. I’ll send you an invoice
  3. Once paid, your spot is reserved!

Now here are some photos that bring back fond memories.  Our first Christmas as parents – 3 years ago!  Look how wittle da baby Kinsley was.  Oh man, my heart is just bursting with love…


But Mom, do I have to? | Tulsa Photographer

I remember back in 7th grade, Mom told me I could either join the track team (ugh) or join the band (double ugh).  She was forcing me to become active in extra-curricular activities.  Why would a mother punish her daughter – her only daughter…who she loves dearly – by making her become involved in extra-curriculars?  This was cruel.

I chose track.  Thank you Mom.  Seriously, thank you.  

It sparked a lifetime love of running.  And with running, came incredible coaches.  And cross-training.  And races – from 400 meters to 26.2 miles.  And self-discipline.  And discovering new facets on what my body is capable of – both mentally and physically.  

So when I tried an Orangetheory Fitness class, it was right up my alley.  It wasn’t a competition against others.  It was a competition within myself.   It was a coach pushing me to achieve what he knew I could achieve.  It was a community among the other members – a reminder that we were all in this together.

So when I was asked to photograph the inspiring coaches of OTF Midtown, I jumped at the chance.  These coaches are inspiring.  You are motivated you when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope.  You are supported when you think you just can’t do one more rep.  Their goal for you is the same as you have for yourself: to become a better version of yourself.

Welcome to Tulsa, Orangetheory Fitness.  And happy first birthday!