Creating something new | Tulsa Maternity Photographer

Last fall I discovered the incredibly talented maternity photographer, Lola Melani.  During her presentation she described her journey of growing up in Russia, having little money, sewing their own clothes, and her dream of having enough money to finally be able to afford silk.  

Fabric was literally woven and touched every aspect of her life.

When she moved to New York and began her photography career, she wanted her work to be reflective of her past.  She wanted simplicity.  So she decided to wrap the beautiful women who came to her in the fabric she had always dreamt of and now could afford to buy – silk.

This resonated with me.  I love simple and raw photographs.  In a world of distractions, I want the woman in front of my camera to know she does not blend into the background.  She stands out.  She is someone worthy of others’ attention.  I want her to be the sole subject.  Where she is recognized as the stunning woman she is.  

So with inspiration that became ignited within me, I asked my dear friend, Lacy, if she would step in front of my camera and allow me to create something new.  Something I’ve not attempted before.  I wanted to keep it simple.  I wanted the final images to also give a nod to the grain found in film – photography’s original medium.  And here’s what bloomed…


I invite you to have a personal session with me.
Kathryn Hylander


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