It’s way more than that | Tulsa Portrait Photographer

Sometimes it feels like tooting my own horn.  Sometimes it feels to flashy – like, “Look at me y’all!!  Look how great I am!”  Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to take all the credit.

But then I think, no it’s not.  No, I am not.  It’s waaay more than that.

A week and a half ago, while on vacation, I learned four of my images had earned a bronze recognition at The Portrait Master’s!  To say I was elated would be an understatement.  I wanted to dance around the room…which I did hehe!!  I wanted to shout it to the world!

But something stopped me.  Other than my immediate family and friends, who cares?!  It doesn’t effect their lives…so why even bother announcing?

Well, this is why: those photos are way more than just the person behind the camera.  It’s about my husband, who supports me in this dream and goal.  It’s about all the nap times and late nights I used to soak in education to hone this craft.  It’s about the babysitters who entertain my children while I’m with clients.  

And most importantly, it’s about my clients.  It’s about their vulnerability in front of the camera.    It’s about their trust – in both the vision of the photo shoot and them knowing I can and will deliver an exceptional experience and final product.  

It’s about them.  Because without them, I’d be photographing a black wall, or an empty salt flat, or an empty room.  And those things aren’t interesting.

“But Katy, let’s get real.  You don’t do this out of the goodness of your heart.  You want recognition.”

You’re absolutely right!  I do!  I enjoy being recognized and awarded by masters and peers of this craft.  It confirms that I’m on the right track.  It confirms that my work is at a professional standard.  And it provides priceless education on how to improve and become even better.

And it makes me happy…  

So if there is something out there that you’ve been timid or scared about trying or entering (an awards, a marathon, a triathlon, a certification test…whatever!), I highly encourage you to do so.  Because if you don’t at least try, the answer will always be silence and “what if.”


I invite you to have a personal session with me.  Most people hate having their photo taken because they’re not “photogenic” or feel awkward in front of a camera.  It’s my job to guide you through the entire shoot – how to prepare, what to wear and how to pose – and show you the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen of yourself.
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