I felt like it was time to take my life back | Tulsa Portrait Photographer

“Depression is real and it’s ugly and everything that comes with it. Since having my third baby, I have battled on and off again with depression, some days it’s fine and some days it’s ugly. I am the heaviest I have ever been and over the last two years have had a lot of female issues that resulted in a major surgery. 

“When I stopped and thought about doing this, I felt like it was time to take my life back to feel beautiful again and to do something for me. I am a momma, who over the last 7 years has carried 4 babies in my belly, I carried 3 of those babies to term and each time my body stretched and changed. I nursed those babies for a combined total for almost 3 years…. That alone has changed the way my body looks. I have stretch marks and I have surgery scars, my arms are jiggly, and my butt is too big. 

“I say this because Katy made me feel more beautiful than I have in a long time.  My body isn’t perfect but over the last 7 years it did some pretty incredible things and after doing this photo shoot I felt more comfortable in my skin. Time will help my body heal and someday I’ll be back down where I want to be, but for right now I’m not going to feel bad for the way I look anymore. Thank you Katy for being a light and pushing me back out of my comfort zone and taking the most beautiful pictures of me!”

What a humbling client review and testimony.  I definitely am not feeling worthy of this or the other incredible women that cross my path through this business.  

It’s been indescribable to see the impact that my services have on women.  It’s a result I never dreamed of.  Something unimaginable.  But something that gives me great joy – knowing I can help women reconnect with themselves.  And make them feel beautiful – the beautiful that everyone sees in them, but that sometimes we as women don’t feel within ourselves.

I read every word of your emails and social media posts and appreciate them so so much.  

So this is just another routine THANK YOU to every client, every future client, and everyone who has passed along words of support to me during this now 4 year journey through my photography career.  



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