Getting Unstuck | Tulsa Portrait Photographer

Have you ever had a goal that seemed unattainable?  One that just overwhelmed you?  And then you boiled down the feeling of overwhelm to just… “I feel stuck.”  

Being stuck feels different than being stopped.  When you’re stopped, it’s like you’re stopped at a red light.  When it turns green, you just go.  

But when you’re stuck – like really stuck – it’s like you’re in mud.  You can’t see a way out.  Trying to free just one foot is so difficult.  Your foot is being pulled and suctioned to stay in place.

Becoming unstuck can feel like having to climb a mountain in one day.  But in reality, all that’s need is to take small and deliberate steps.  Be persistent.  Be reliable.  Show up everyday and take just one.  Small.  Step.  Because each day creates a forward progress.

And then one day you look at the progress you’ve made on that “unattainable” goal you made, and you say, “Oh my gosh!  I just climbed a mountain!”

And what an incredible mountain this woman has climbed.  Less than two years ago she stood on stage for her first NPC competition, and in a few short weeks she’ll walk out on the national stage in Las Vegas!!  You are persistent.  You are reliable.  You show up everyday – even when you don’t want to.  That’s how goals are reached.  That’s how dreams become reality.  That is how a mountain is climbed.  You, ma’am, are such an inspiration.  You’re going to do incredible in Vegas!


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