I didn’t know if I could pull off this photo shoot | Tulsa Photographer

Trina reached out to me back in May inquiring about booking an outdoor body and fitness shoot.  I immediately said yes (those are always fun!), and we booked her session for the first week of June.  

Well, for any of you Okies out there reading this, do you remember what was going on the last part of May/first part of June??  You know, just all those horrible storms with all the hundreds of tornado warnings.  No biggie!

So the day of the shoot arrived. In the days leading up, I had been stalking the forecast.  That day’s forecast: 50% chance of afternoon and evening severe thunderstorms.  And guess when our session was? Evening. Ugh!! 

Usually, this would be no big deal.  We’ll reschedule!  I don’t want to get drenched.  You don’t want to get drenched.  I want us to remain safe.  And we want to make sure you get amazing photos!

Well, how about we throw in another wrench into the equation?!  I was 36 weeks pregnant.  Yep, that means I didn’t have time to reschedule!  It was either now or not until September.  And neither one of us wanted to push it out that far.

So we went for it.

And the weather cooperated!  There was a large rain cloud that loomed over us, but not a single drop fell until we had wrapped up the shoot. *high five*

And because of the cloud coverage, we got some incredible dreamy light to photograph in.  Thank you God for helpin’ a (pregnant ) girl out!!



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