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Choose joy.  Choose kindness.  And always choose love. 

The week of Thanksgiving always gets me a mushy mess.  It’s a time when I intentionally slow down and count all my blessings.  

The other week I photographed Faith and her three sweet children.  And for some reason this session just spoke volumes to me.  All the feels I get during Thanksgiving week just seem to exude through these photos…

The joy on her children’s faces.

The love you see in Faith’s eyes as she looks at her children.

The beauty that is the world we live in.

The breathtaking sunset.

I love it all.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Hug, squeeze, and tangle up with the ones you love this week.

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I was a total creeper | Tulsa Photographer

Well, I can definitely check “act like a creeper in a parking lot” off my list.  Here’s the story…

The end of my maternity leave was quickly approaching.  As I thought about coming back to work and picking up my camera for the first time in 3 months, I realized I wanted my first session back to be a soul project.  For it to be something special.  For it to be a reflection of where my heart was.  And for it be a no-pressure, time for creativity.  

So I had this vision of doing a maternity shoot.  Very classic.  Very elegant.  No props.  100% focus on the connection between Momma and baby.  I had this picture of what the woman would look like, but did not know anyone who was pregnant that fit that description.  

So I filed it away in the back of my mind and said, “Oh well.  Hopefully one of my friends will get pregnant soon, and I can just do it then…”

But then I saw her.  

I saw her in the parking lot of my children’s pre-school.  My jaw literally dropped.  I was like, “OMG!!  That’s her!!  That’s the woman I’m supposed to photograph!!”

Did I know who she was?  No.

Did I step up my pace to try and meet her at the door when she walked in?  Yes.  But it failed.  My feet weren’t quick enough.  

So every afternoon I would scour the parking lot looking to see if I could find her again.  And then finally, one afternoon I saw her again.

I was backing out of my parking space headed home, when I saw her walking to her car.  I quickly whipped around and slowed once I got to where she was.  (Side note: I drive a white suburban…which I find funny bc creeper vans are white.  That just gives me a chuckle – extra creeper points.)

I rolled down my window and got her attention.  Not only was she beautiful, but seriously the sweetest person ever.  She not only agreed to allow me to photograph her, but she was genuinely excited that I had asked.

Thank you so much Jennifer for allowing me to photograph you…and for not thinking I was a complete creeper.  Not only did you allow me to create and complete a soul project, but a sweet friendship has blossomed from it, too.  Thank you.

Congratulations on your sweet little one.  


I didn’t know if I could pull off this photo shoot | Tulsa Photographer

Trina reached out to me back in May inquiring about booking an outdoor body and fitness shoot.  I immediately said yes (those are always fun!), and we booked her session for the first week of June.  

Well, for any of you Okies out there reading this, do you remember what was going on the last part of May/first part of June??  You know, just all those horrible storms with all the hundreds of tornado warnings.  No biggie!

So the day of the shoot arrived. In the days leading up, I had been stalking the forecast.  That day’s forecast: 50% chance of afternoon and evening severe thunderstorms.  And guess when our session was? Evening. Ugh!! 

Usually, this would be no big deal.  We’ll reschedule!  I don’t want to get drenched.  You don’t want to get drenched.  I want us to remain safe.  And we want to make sure you get amazing photos!

Well, how about we throw in another wrench into the equation?!  I was 36 weeks pregnant.  Yep, that means I didn’t have time to reschedule!  It was either now or not until September.  And neither one of us wanted to push it out that far.

So we went for it.

And the weather cooperated!  There was a large rain cloud that loomed over us, but not a single drop fell until we had wrapped up the shoot. *high five*

And because of the cloud coverage, we got some incredible dreamy light to photograph in.  Thank you God for helpin’ a (pregnant ) girl out!!


Getting Unstuck | Tulsa Portrait Photographer

Have you ever had a goal that seemed unattainable?  One that just overwhelmed you?  And then you boiled down the feeling of overwhelm to just… “I feel stuck.”  

Being stuck feels different than being stopped.  When you’re stopped, it’s like you’re stopped at a red light.  When it turns green, you just go.  

But when you’re stuck – like really stuck – it’s like you’re in mud.  You can’t see a way out.  Trying to free just one foot is so difficult.  Your foot is being pulled and suctioned to stay in place.

Becoming unstuck can feel like having to climb a mountain in one day.  But in reality, all that’s need is to take small and deliberate steps.  Be persistent.  Be reliable.  Show up everyday and take just one.  Small.  Step.  Because each day creates a forward progress.

And then one day you look at the progress you’ve made on that “unattainable” goal you made, and you say, “Oh my gosh!  I just climbed a mountain!”

And what an incredible mountain this woman has climbed.  Less than two years ago she stood on stage for her first NPC competition, and in a few short weeks she’ll walk out on the national stage in Las Vegas!!  You are persistent.  You are reliable.  You show up everyday – even when you don’t want to.  That’s how goals are reached.  That’s how dreams become reality.  That is how a mountain is climbed.  You, ma’am, are such an inspiration.  You’re going to do incredible in Vegas!


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This is About You | Tulsa Portrait Photographer

I’m not sure how long you’ve been a mom, but chances are you’ve had one of these days.

Ever sit on your couch at the end of the day and wonder how you even had a chance to breathe?  You’re exhausted.  You reflect on what all you did that day and then realize you did “nothing” but you also did everything!

Girl, you work hard.  And some well-deserved self-care is long overdue.

The month of May is all about celebrating mothers.  So this month I’m going to shine the spotlight on you, Momma.

Recently this beautiful Mom gave me the privilege of photographing her.  She’s a woman who wears many hats that most women are all familiar with: wife, mom, full-time career, manager of the home…

She decided that even with the whirlwind of everyday life, she wanted – and dare I say needed – some “self” time.  She wanted time to reconnect with herself.  To feel beautiful.  To have fun.

Ladies, self-care is not a luxury.  It’s your responsibility.  It’s self-preservation and smart.  

This is about you.  Do it for yourself.

Book your session today.

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I felt like it was time to take my life back | Tulsa Portrait Photographer

“Depression is real and it’s ugly and everything that comes with it. Since having my third baby, I have battled on and off again with depression, some days it’s fine and some days it’s ugly. I am the heaviest I have ever been and over the last two years have had a lot of female issues that resulted in a major surgery. 

“When I stopped and thought about doing this, I felt like it was time to take my life back to feel beautiful again and to do something for me. I am a momma, who over the last 7 years has carried 4 babies in my belly, I carried 3 of those babies to term and each time my body stretched and changed. I nursed those babies for a combined total for almost 3 years…. That alone has changed the way my body looks. I have stretch marks and I have surgery scars, my arms are jiggly, and my butt is too big. 

“I say this because Katy made me feel more beautiful than I have in a long time.  My body isn’t perfect but over the last 7 years it did some pretty incredible things and after doing this photo shoot I felt more comfortable in my skin. Time will help my body heal and someday I’ll be back down where I want to be, but for right now I’m not going to feel bad for the way I look anymore. Thank you Katy for being a light and pushing me back out of my comfort zone and taking the most beautiful pictures of me!”

What a humbling client review and testimony.  I definitely am not feeling worthy of this or the other incredible women that cross my path through this business.  

It’s been indescribable to see the impact that my services have on women.  It’s a result I never dreamed of.  Something unimaginable.  But something that gives me great joy – knowing I can help women reconnect with themselves.  And make them feel beautiful – the beautiful that everyone sees in them, but that sometimes we as women don’t feel within ourselves.

I read every word of your emails and social media posts and appreciate them so so much.  

So this is just another routine THANK YOU to every client, every future client, and everyone who has passed along words of support to me during this now 4 year journey through my photography career.  


It’s way more than that | Tulsa Portrait Photographer

Sometimes it feels like tooting my own horn.  Sometimes it feels to flashy – like, “Look at me y’all!!  Look how great I am!”  Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to take all the credit.

But then I think, no it’s not.  No, I am not.  It’s waaay more than that.

A week and a half ago, while on vacation, I learned four of my images had earned a bronze recognition at The Portrait Master’s!  To say I was elated would be an understatement.  I wanted to dance around the room…which I did hehe!!  I wanted to shout it to the world!

But something stopped me.  Other than my immediate family and friends, who cares?!  It doesn’t effect their lives…so why even bother announcing?

Well, this is why: those photos are way more than just the person behind the camera.  It’s about my husband, who supports me in this dream and goal.  It’s about all the nap times and late nights I used to soak in education to hone this craft.  It’s about the babysitters who entertain my children while I’m with clients.  

And most importantly, it’s about my clients.  It’s about their vulnerability in front of the camera.    It’s about their trust – in both the vision of the photo shoot and them knowing I can and will deliver an exceptional experience and final product.  

It’s about them.  Because without them, I’d be photographing a black wall, or an empty salt flat, or an empty room.  And those things aren’t interesting.

“But Katy, let’s get real.  You don’t do this out of the goodness of your heart.  You want recognition.”

You’re absolutely right!  I do!  I enjoy being recognized and awarded by masters and peers of this craft.  It confirms that I’m on the right track.  It confirms that my work is at a professional standard.  And it provides priceless education on how to improve and become even better.

And it makes me happy…  

So if there is something out there that you’ve been timid or scared about trying or entering (an awards, a marathon, a triathlon, a certification test…whatever!), I highly encourage you to do so.  Because if you don’t at least try, the answer will always be silence and “what if.”


I invite you to have a personal session with me.  Most people hate having their photo taken because they’re not “photogenic” or feel awkward in front of a camera.  It’s my job to guide you through the entire shoot – how to prepare, what to wear and how to pose – and show you the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen of yourself.
Kathryn Hylander

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